Middle East Unrest Pushes Mortgage Rates Back Under 5%

Fewer People Falling Behind On Mortgages

Remember todays favorable mortgage rates and terms, because years from now, you will hear a lot of people say “I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…” Article posted below…

Fewer People Falling Behind On Mortgages


Lower Real Estate Interest Rates Will Lead To Faster Economic Recovery

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that if business and consumer confidence improves and interest rates stay low, it will most likely lead to a faster economic recovery. Interested in hearing your opinions…

Economy still in a deep hole, Bernanke says.


My New West Los Angeles Real Estate Blog

Hello everybody. My name is Gary Limjap and I am creating the first post to this site’s new blog feature. I will be contributing regular posts with information regarding Los Angeles real estate events, market trends, homes for sale, community events and other interesting Los Angeles facts. Stay tuned. I think this will be a great source for Los Angeles real estate information.

Also, please see my featured Los Angeles real estate listings.