Home Prices Post Gains At End of 2010

Now May Be The Time To Buy A Home In West Los Angeles

I have been asked many times this month whether someone should buy a home now and take advantage of interest rates – before they go up any further – or wait for housing prices to go down further? Below, is a great article that addresses the question…

Now May Be The Time To Buy A Home


Lower Real Estate Interest Rates Will Lead To Faster Economic Recovery

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that if business and consumer confidence improves and interest rates stay low, it will most likely lead to a faster economic recovery. Interested in hearing your opinions…

Economy still in a deep hole, Bernanke says.


Record Low Mortgage Rates Continue To Fall in West Los Angeles

Mortgage rates headed down again, after lingering at a record low for two weeks. The benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell 5 basis points this week, to 4.45%, according to the Bankrate.com national survey of large lenders. In the 25-year history of Bankrate’s weekly survey, the 30-year fixed has never been lower. According to statistics compiled by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the last time mortgage rates were below 4.5% was in April 1953.

Source: Record-Low Rates Slide Further