12 Tips For Hiring Best Real Estate Agent

12 Tips For Hiring Best Real Estate Agent

12 tips for hiring the best real estate agent to assure maximum success.

  1. Interview two full-time agents just as you would hiring an attorney or physician
  2. Do not hire your good friend, relative or neighbor as a favor or out of guilt
  3. Do not select an agent based on the price they suggest to list your property
  4. Do not hire an agent who is not experienced in the Santa Monica, Brentwood and West LA areas
  5. Ask for a list of references with phone numbers or emails
  6. Find out how the agent prepares your property for marketing
  7. Ask for a detailed marketing and advertising plan
  8. Check out the agent’s personal website and visit the agent’s office
  9. Compare the agent’s track record including their sales success ratio
  10. Find out what staff or team support the agent provides
  11. Inquire about the agents pricing strategy
  12. Be sure the agent you select has your needs and best interest at heart

If you are considering a sale of your property, and would like a complimentary copy of our “How To Select an Agent” guidelines, please contact Gary Limjap at (310) 586-0339 or by email.


Advice For First Time Home Buyers

Five Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you are a new buyer and want to position yourself for homeownership:

1. Establish good credit habits and a favorable credit history

Get a credit card and use it responsibly. Apply for an automobile loan and make your payments on time every month. If you’re renting an apartment, put your own name on the lease and the utility bills and make sure the rent and the bills are paid every month. If you’re already struggling with credit card debt or have large student loans, take a free workshop from Apprisen, formerly the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

Call (800) 355-2227 for information.

2. Start saving for a down payment and closing costs

It’s possible to purchase a first home in many parts of the country without much in the way of savings. But in high-cost housing areas, starting to save early can be enormously beneficial because you’ll get the advantage of compounding interest and have a longer period of time to grow your investments. Open a savings account or a stock brokerage investment account and make regular deposits.

3. Make a financial plan

Use your local library and bookstore probably have at least a few shelves of books about financial management and buying a home. Take notes. Make a financial plan for yourself. You can learn a lot about real estate, budgeting and credit on REALTOR.com® too.

4. Research neighborhoods and towns

Many young people assume they’ll continue living in their own home town when they get older, but people are more mobile than ever and chances are good you’ll one day live in another city or even another state. Again, the library, bookstore and Web can be excellent resources for information about housing costs and home ownership opportunities around the country and in various neighborhoods.

5. Tap your relatives for advice

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or older cousins with experience buying real estate can give you good information about the cost of housing in the area where you want to live and what it takes to buy a home. Questions to ask: Is housing affordable in this area? How much money would I need to save in order to buy a home? What advice would you give me about planning my financial future? Would you recommend some books that I might like to read about buying a home? Don’t be shy. If you have a question, ask someone in a position to know the answer.

All of these steps can easily be applied to the local Santa Monica & Los Angeles housing market.


My New West Los Angeles Real Estate Blog

Hello everybody. My name is Gary Limjap and I am creating the first post to this site’s new blog feature. I will be contributing regular posts with information regarding Los Angeles real estate events, market trends, homes for sale, community events and other interesting Los Angeles facts. Stay tuned. I think this will be a great source for Los Angeles real estate information.

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