Price Is The Determining Factor In The Sale Of A West LA Home

Price Is The Determining Factor In The Sale Of A West LA Home

Pricing A Home To Sell

Fairy tales and overly-optimistic assurance will Not sell your house, but EFFORT will.

A sign in your yard will Not sell your house, Proper Counseling will.

If you are placing your house on the market, be certain it is ON THE MARKET.

If you want your house “listed for sale”, over price it.

If you want it SOLD, PRICE IT RIGHT!


1. Seller and Realtors are not appraisers – Buyers are…

…and they make their evaluation by comparing your property with others which offer similar features and are in similar condition to yours. Condition and Price are the most important criteria


2. The Buyer does not yet have an emotional attachment to your home.

Sellers speak of value, amount invested and what they “can afford to take”. Buyers consider only price, condition, and other competitive properties.


3. Your house will sell because it is priced competitively in today’s market.

Not because it is yours.


4. Over-pricing causes your home to get stale on the market.

Buyers and other Realtors begin to wonder what is wrong with it. Why hasn’t it sold?


5. Be sure you have accurate information about recent sales in your neighborhood.

Don’t let pricing rumors influence your decision to price your home realistically in today’s market.


6. Any house unsold after 90 days on the market was most likely overpriced…

…for it’s condition in today’s market. The present market might be weak or strong, but the present market is the ONLY one that affects properties for sale today.


7. The agent who suggests the highest price for your home may not be the most qualified to sell it.

Select your sales agent for their professionalism, track record and the rapport established between you.



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