Strong Housing Report In Sunset Park – Santa Monica

Strong Housing Report In Sunset Park – Santa Monica

Sunset Park in Santa Monica is still experiencing a very strong real estate market. Out of more than 2700 single family homes in the neighborhood, there have been 57 homes that have been purchased this year alone – the highlight a newly constructed home on 16th Street that fetched over $2M.

However, 30 of the homes sold were all under $1M. and most of them were in the price bracket of $700,000 – $800,000. These homes were primarily fixers and were sold for land value.

There are currently 19 single family homes for sale in Sunset Park, Santa Monica with more than half of them priced between $700,000 – $900,000. A majority of these homes will wind-up being in categories of small square footage, needing updating/rennovations or being sold for land value.

There are some great values to be had right now that are well-sized family homes in prominent Sunset Park locations in the range of $1.4M -$1.8M.


If you need additional information or would like to inquire on what is currently available in the Sunset Park and the neighboring areas, please do not hesitate to contact Santa Monica realtor Gary Limjap.



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